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The purpose of this training is to help Human Resources professionals leverage their experience and understanding of people to best organize individuals into projects teams in a way that leads to successful project outcomes, with little or no performance issues.


Objectives: This course provides a framework for HR professionals to apply their HR core skills in order to play an active role in leveraging the effectiveness of project teams.  In this way, the HR function can help teams and individuals plan, manage, and deliver projects on time, within budget, and with fewer risks.

Who should attend:  HR professionals who want to help their organization and project teams reduce problems and maximize team performance.


The people side of projects is huge.  Project objectives, tasks, schedules, and risks are only half of the equation.  The remainder is comprised of people aspects and human performance; however, the people-side is often minimized by project teams and leaders. 

In fact, for HR, a project is a microcosm of an organization.  The HR aspects for both a project team and the larger organization include: recruiting, onboarding, inclusion, team formation, building trust, planned communication, managing conflicts, running meetings, managing different personality styles, anticipating people issues, change management, coaching human performance, handling performance problems, developing employees for future roles, and more.

When HR functions are done well within a project team’s lifecycle, project performance improves.  When people aspects are not handled well, deadlines are missed, non-budgeted costs are incurred, and HR is often viewed as unnecessary overhead.

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand key aspects of project management and the challenges related to people
  • Bring an HR perspective to project teams and coach project leaders and team members
  • Apply their HR core skills to play an active role in leveraging project effectiveness
  • Be sought-out as a resource to proactively help teams reach their objectives with less effort

  Fees: $165 members; $215 nonmembers

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